Monday, December 23, 2013

23rd Window: Best of Christmas Tutorials

It will be Christmas soon! Yay! I am so looking forward to a few relaxing days, as well as the not so relaxing but equally fun days of family reunion.

Today I decided not to post a new tutorial but rather put up a best of of my favourite tutorials. Crafting for 23 days straight was pretty crazy, but I got some great results I never would have achieved otherwise. So while I don´t know if I will be up for it next year, I am still happy I did it once!

So here comes my ranking:

1. The Beeswax Ornaments. Super easy, cheap and
 still soooo pretty!

2. The Paper & Plaster Star. I love the texture nearly as much as I love stars!

3. The Coconut Macaroons. Cause they´re DELICIOUS!

4. The Jute Star Garland. Because of pretty much the same reasons as for number 2!

5. All the other tutorials, because they are my babies, too, and shouldn´t feel neglected on christmas!

Tomorrow I will post my last tutorial this christmas - well, it is more of a reveal of my families tree, but it truly is to awesome not to show off!

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