Saturday, December 14, 2013

14th Window: Jute Star Garland

I may have become slightly addicted to decorating with stars this year... Well, there are worse addictions!

  To make this cute star garland, you need a piece of linnen or jute, a long stretch of twine, a couple of tissues, and white sewing thread.

1. Cut a roughly starlike form out of the fabric, and use it as a template to make a second one.

2. Take  a long piece of thread, and thread it  through your needle twice, so you have four threads to sew with.

3. Roughly sew the star together. Leave a small opening.

4. Rip a tissue into small pieces and stuff the star - but not too much.

5. Sew the star wholly closed.

6. Use the finished star as a template and make a couple more ( I made eight)

7. Once you are done with your stars, sew them onto the twine.

 It will look great mixed with evergreens or some red baubles!

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