Friday, August 15, 2014

Pimp Your Dishtowel

As I have such a small apartment, most of my DIY projects have to be on the smaller scale as well. That has the big advantage that slowly, every part of my home contains personal details. My kitchen got a real splash of color with my latest project - painted dishtowels.

You need:
- towels (I got the cheap Ikea kind)
- neon fabric paint that is washable up to 60 ° C/ 140° F
- a small brush

I did a typo towel and a plant silhouette so far, and they both worked out fine.

Don´t worry too much - the towels cost less than a buck, you can´t waste that much money!

I taped my towels to a big piece of cardboard to keep it straight and even - worked wonders!

For the typo towel, I did a draft first, where I considered what I wanted to write and how to space it.
If you need inspiration, check out the cool fonts on your computer and online.

Then, I just started painting free handed.
My towel has a slight pattern that helped me keep my lines straight - like a grid. The curlicues I added spontaneously, but that could have gone wrong...

For the plant silhouette, I looked for pictures of dill online and did a quick sketch.

The silhouette is pretty much made up of dots and lines - no trouble. Go with your gut and add details as you like.

After your paint has dried, fix it as needed. Mine needed to be ironed for five minutes. I have already washed it at 140° F - and the paint kept perfectly!

I think these would make wonderful housewarming gifts. Cute dishtowels are often so expensive for something that sees a lot of wear and tear. Here is the cheap and super personal alternative!

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