Monday, July 21, 2014

At long last: Kindle Cover

So I´ve been skipping posts for a while - so much going on this summer - but today, I have a quick turtorial on how to create a protective cover for your e-reader. Takes about 10 minutes and is a lot cheaper than the commercial options out there!

1. Buy some cute fabric (I got mine during my holidays in southern france - so it is a kind of memorabilia, too) and some fleece. Cut both so it is twice as big as your kindle and add 2 in /5 cm in the width and 3 in / 7 cm in the height.

2. Sew the two fabrics together left on left.

3. Fold in the upper edge and stitch it down.

4. Fold the fabric in half, so that the fleece is on top, and sew the bag closed on the other three sides.

5. Turn the right side out and cut off the superfluous fabric near the seam.

6. Now cut two stripes off the pretty fabric, 3 in/ 7cm long and 2 in/ 4 cm wide. Fold the long sides to the middle, slightly overlapping, so you get neat edges.  Now sew the stripe closed.

7. Now fix a stripe on each side of the open side of the cover, so you can knot it shut.

8. Finally, go and read something romantic fitting the fabric of your cover ; )

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