Friday, September 12, 2014

DIY Chalkboard Labels & Pimped Jars

Hello my Dears,

I fear I have got so much to do right now that the posts will keep on coming sparringly the next couple of month. But in return, I have a favourite project to share today!

First thing are the awesome DIY chalkboard labels. They are super easy and cheap to make, and you can create every shape you want.

You need:
- simple paper
-chalkboard paint
-double sided tape
- chalk pencil

You just cover the paper in one or two layers of chalkboard paint. I had some leftover from years ago (surprisingly, it was still good to use!) but it isn´t all that expensive to buy. And chalkboards are awesome!

Once the paper is dry, cover the backside with double sided tape. I checked what was better - taping before painting or after - and after is better, because the paper gets crinkles otherwise.

Now, cut out the shape you want - circle, oval, rectangle.... If you have more patience than I do and create a stencil, it will turn out even better!

Put the label wherever you need one. Using a chalk pencil makes writing and drawing easier and a little tidier. I think adding an outline makes the labels so much prettier!

I tried if the paper could withstand wiping the chalk off again - no problem! The paint protects it wonderfully!

So to the kitchen jars:

I love to use things that would otherwise be ´waste`. So I adore these kitchen jars made of pickle jars. They close tightly, so they keep moths and other nasty stuff out of my food. And they look so cute.

I just painted the caps with a couple of layers of acrylic paint. Pastels always remind me of sweets - they just look good enough to eat! So what´s better for the kitchen! The DIY chalkboard labels did the rest.

What can I say? I like!

I hope you do, too, and you will come by now and then even if I don´t get around to a weekly post - something cool is coming the next time, too!

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