Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summertime "Frosted" Glass Votives

 These votives were a present for my grandma. She loves a straight and modern look in her home, but sometimes struggles with making it still seem warm and comfy. I thought these votives might be simplistic enough for her while adding the atmosphere of candle light.

To create something similar, you need:
- straight glass jars (these were old mustard jars)
- thick transparent paper
- glue, printer, computer, scotch tape

1. The writing, I created in Word. For the left jar, I wrote down words I connect with summer - like
´strawberry icecream` or ´hammock dreams`, splitting them when they met the line break. Some I turned light, some middle, some dark grey. For the right jar, I wrote down only the word ´summertime` in light grey.

2. Next, I printed the page, put my jar on top and figured out if the text needed to be smaller or larger.

I did that a couple of times, until I finally got it right.

3. Next came the most difficult part, printing on the transparent paper. My printer accepted it only if I
printed in the fast option, but tended to rip the paper. So I fixed it on top of a normal piece of paper using scotch tape. I lost about two or three pages before I figured it out, but I payed 3 $ for a block, so that was ok.

4. Once that was finally done, I cut the transparent paper to the right size, put it around the jar and glued it shut. It forms a tunnel now, so I can switch between motifs if I create more.

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