Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Easy Art: Wire Fish

I have a very cool, easy-peasy art project for you today!

Making wall decoration yourself can be difficult - personally, my drawings often turned out way less cool then I hoped for. This is why I was super happy when this fish ended up being pretty awesome.

Best thing, it was very easy to make. So if you aren´t able to sketch a straight line THIS IS YOUR PROJECT!

1. First thing you need to do is look for a picture displaying a cool fish. Google image search really is an artist´s best friend! My fish is a gilt-head, which I chose because I wanted that roundish form.

2. Print the picture and trace the most important lines using a marker. All lines have to connect somewhere, so cheat a little if needed!

3.Now, take some wire. It should be thin enough to be easily bent by your fingers, but thick enough to give the fish some stability. I chose copper wire, cause of my never ending copper crush.

4. Put the wire on top of your picture one stretch at a time and bent it so it follows the marked lines.
For the fins, eye, mouth and so on you might have to cover the same line twice. In that instance, twist
the wires slightly together.

Small detail: The eye is a spirally form.

It is important not to cut the wire, but use only one long piece. I kept the wire on the spool, because I wasn´t sure what lenght I needed.

If you compare the photo to the wire, you can see that it doesn´t overlap perfectly. The tail fin for example, I wrapped with wire where it´s closest to the body, to give it some stability. I don´t think
anyone notices it when they see only the wire fish. So don´t worry if fish and picture aren´t identical!

5. Finally, connect beginning and end of your wire by twisting them together

6. Flatten the wire sculpture and hang it up.

I think it took me thirty minutes max to create the fish. I can´t stop thinking of the possibilities - I would love to do some more animals, or try my hand at wire portraits.

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