Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Copper Easter Eggs

I have been quite good and didn´t start decorating for easter in february - I wanted to, but I was afraid I would be bored by all those eggs come easter.
But now the holidays are only about a month away, so I finally allowed myself to start.

I began a quest  for white free range eggs (honestly, why does every store think they have to be brown?) and bought the most awesome little instrument to blow out eggs: a mixture of a syringe and bellows. You drill in only one (small) hole, enter the tube and pump in air so the egg white and yolk are presse out. You can use it also to pump in water and get the water out again.

So, for 3 bucks I got clean eggs with one tiny hole and no risk of catching salmonellae. Check out to see what it looks like.

My first project is a modern and elegant approach to easter eggs.

I took my blown out eggs, and covered them in beat copper (check out how to do that here), the I gathered a few fresh birch twigs and formed a nest.

Ok, it is more a ring than a nest but you can´t see it when the eggs lie inside. Honestly, how do birds do that? I really tried but no nest...

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