Monday, March 24, 2014

A Garland Of Pansies

I love pansies! Their colours are so pretty, and they exist in so many awesome variations. Today´s project made sure I will never be without pansies this spring or any spring to come!

You need to press and dry 12 - 15 pansy flowers. I just bought one plant for about 70 cents (so 1 $) cut off the flowers when they started blooming and pressed them in my huge law books (they should be good for some fun after all!).

After a week to ten days, they were dry. Pansies keep their colour wonderfully, even dried.

Then, I laminated the flowers. My Mom has a laminating machine, but I think you can get stuff laminated at every copy shop. One DIN-A 4 laminating sheet is enough.

Cut out each pansy, following the outline of the flower, leaving about 1 cm / 0,3 in of plastic.

Thread some white yarn through a sewing needle. Poke a hole in the upper plastic edging of the smallest flower, take the second smallest and poke a hole through its lower plastic edging.

Close the yarn with a knot so there are about 3 cm / 1in between each flower. Cut the yarn off close to the knot.

Repeat with each flower, increasing their size.

Put a loop at the top of the biggest flower and hang the garland wherever you need some spring happiness. Because it is laminated, it should keep for years!

Have you created something fun with dried flowers this year?

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  1. I love pansies. Your garland turned out beautiful! Happy Spring!


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