Thursday, March 27, 2014

Black & White Easter Eggs

Last year I was taking very important tests around easter, so I had no mind and time for making decorations. But I promised myself I would paint twice as many eggs this year instead. I am really trying to keep up with that promise, so here is my second idea for modern and cool easter eggs.

If you want to create some grafic black and white eggs yourself, you need to blow out a ton of white eggs. There is a cheap and very useful tool for it which I describe here.

Take a black edding and start drawing grafic patterns on some of the eggs. Do lines, rectangles, small crosses, dots - whatever you like. My favourite is the one on the right.

I first painted it in a diamond pattern that didn´t work out and I needed a way to cover the wrong lines. Best proof that mistakes happen for a reason!

Mix the painted eggs with the white ones and present as you like.

My cookie jar is empty right now because I am trying not to eat any sweets before easter (three more weeks to go....), so it seemed the perfect way to present them. But next year, I will probably string them up.

Have you created any black and white eggs?

I am linking to these cool parties:

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