Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cork Pot Holder

I am suffering the curse of every DIYer in a small home - I hate throwing away pretty glass bottles, jars and all that other cool stuff that is causing inspiration the moment I see it. A sure case of too many ideas and too little time!
Another thing I am always hanging onto is corks. They are sooo pretty. But this time, I finally did use them!

Pot holders are always needed, but not always pretty. This one really is, and it is easy to do. BTW I did not empty all those bottles myself!

Arrange an assortement of corks in a circle. The pretty pictures should be outside, and put some winestained bottoms up, and some down.

Once you have formed a circle, wrap it tigthly in twine. This is a little tricky, so don´t pull the twine to tight!

After knotting the twine, push in a couple more corks until the twine is really tight and really holds the corks together.

I think this pot holder is perfect for a rustic look!

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  1. What a fun idea! I've been saving corks for slightly over a year and waiting for the "perfect" project to use them on. I think I'll try this.

    1. That´s great to hear! I am building up my supply for the next project...

  2. I should do this with the corks i have laying around

    1. Do that! Really, one can never have enough pot holders!


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