Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY Fox Stamp & Stamped Bag

Have I told you I am on a fox-trip yet?  So when I found an old linnen shopper in a backcorner of my closet, I knew how I wanted to decorate it.

Creating a stamp was surprisingly easy. I drew a simple fox, and once I was content with it´s look, I transfered the outline onto foam rubber and cut it out.

Then, I glued it to the bottom of an old plastic tub (couldn´t find a piece of wood to use).

If you would like to create a similar stamp, just do a right click onto the picture, print it and transfer the outline.

Using a brush, I covered the fox with a decent layer of red paint. Probably should have used fabric paint, but I went with acrylic. Hope it won´t wash out...

Make sure to put a piece of cardboard inside the bag so the paint won´t reach the backside.
Press the stamp onto the bag and make sure it doesn´t slide around. Put some pressure on every part of the stamp, then lift it off carefully.

If your results are splotchy or uneven, you can brush on some paint to correct the spaces where the stamping didn´t really work.

So, now go forth and stamp!

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  1. That turned out great--so cute, and I love the tutorial too! Dee :)

  2. What an adorable design! This turned out great, Yana!

  3. Thank you! Admittedly, I think so, too ; )


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