Wednesday, January 15, 2014

´Good Night Dear Fox` Free Crosstitch Pattern

I really like to  crosstitch. To me, this craft is forever connected to cozy afternoons stitching side by side with my mom, a steaming pot of tea in front of us, and some classical music murming in the background.

But I have run into a problem in the last years: I hardly ever encounter patterns I like, and if I do, they are so expensive!

So I decided to create a simple one by myself. I was inspired by a German saying: Where fox and rabbit wish each other a good night. It means ´the middle of nowhere`but I like it because it implies peace. Also, I am on a fox trip right now.

I think it turned out pretty neat for my first try!

You could do all three motives in one frame, but I thought it looked cute to split them up. Can you guess what the frames are made of?  Chipwood cheese packages!

I took off the backside, painted the
visible sides with white acrylic paint and  closed them around my fabric like embroidery hoops.

If you would like to print the patterns (they look terribly professional, I know!), do a right click onto the picture, then do a left click and save the grafic so you can print it etc. Sorry for that, but I am too computer-stupid to do a download option.

The black outline was done with backstitch. In the
patterns, they are drawn around the tummies and snouts,too, but I actually decided not to do that.

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