Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Before & After: Striped Dresser

Looking for cheap furniture to redo has gotten quite difficult for me. Before I moved, I lived very close to a very cool, very cheap "social store" (pretty much the same thing as Goodwill, which unfortunately doesn´t exist in Germany). The city I am living in now only has one social store that sells mainly antiques in sets - way too expensive for me!

Well, I don´t have any free space right now anyway. So maybe this is fate´s way to tell me not to crowd my apartment...

But here is a very cute dresser I prettied up when that cool store was still close to me. Cost me 20 Euros (13 Euros for the dresser, 7 for supplies) all together! And I have received a ton of compliments about it, too!

I don´t have a true "before" picture, because I did this before I started blogging. But I found something similar, with the same very ugly, darkish veneer.

I just sanded it slightly and then painted it with white acrylic paint. I wanted a slightly uneven finish, so I used a  sponge, covering it in different amounts of paint, and doing a couple of layers.

To add something special, I papered the compartments and the drawers with cute beige and white striped wrapping paper.

Real wallpaper would have been easier, but this way I payed only 2 bucks for one roll. The finish isn´t perfect, but I wanted it a little shabby anyways.

I fell in love with these two fancy little knobs, and decided to spend 5 more Euros to replace the old ones. I think they fit perfectly, don´t you?

I also covered three of Ikea´s wood folders with the same wrapping paper, they fit quite well into the larger compartment. Then I sawed a hole in the back for all the cables. Now I have a very neat dresser to put my tv on top of, and some storage as well!

BTW, did you see the tulips? Keeping my resolutions so far, yay! (If you don´t get it, check out this post)

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