Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Round Velvet Pillow

Winter really is the time for lazing around on your couch - and the time for cozy fabrics. My Mom had some leftover blue velvet hidden away in some closet, so I decided to go for it and make a round pillow with pleats. It was easy to do, and I love the result!

You need:
- two big pieces of dark blue velvet, 120 cm x 40 cm/ 50 in x 16 in
- two smaller square pieces (one dark, one light blue), each side about 15 cm/ 6 in
- 3 m/ 10 ft of twine
- padding
- a piece of cardboard

1. Sew a tunnel at one length of each large piece of velvet. Put a piece of twine into the tunnel (it must be something that won´t rip), and pull until the velvet forms a circle and the hole in the middle is nearly closed. Make a knot and cut off the leftover twine.

 2. Sew the two small sides of each piece together to close the circle.

3. Sew the two circles together right on right, leaving a small
opening to stuff it. Turn the fabric inside out and
stuff the pillow. Then, sew the opeing closed using small, tidy stitches.

4. Use a small glass to draw two circles on the cardboard. Cut
them out and place each on top of a square pieces of fabric and some padding. Sew roughly around the edges, taking the yarn not only double, but quadruple. Pull the yarn tightly together and make a knot. That easily, you have created a pretty button!

 5. Use the leftover yarn to fix the button in the middle of the pillow, pulling strongly to form an indention.

6. Create the second button, and sew it onto the other side. This way, you can switch sides- one with an accent button, one more simple.

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