Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crystalline Concrete Flower Pot

I have wanted to craft with concrete for ages. And now I have finally done it - and it worked! I wanted a fun little flower pot that looked sculptural and rock like. Fits the actual geometrical trend as well!

Okay, only the project I show you today worked. Concerning the second flower pot I planned for, it was a fault to use a glass jar to form the hollow in the middle. I have officially learned that once you put something into concrete, it stays there, if it isn´t rippable. (You know, I can hear you mutter "Duh").

I planned to shatter the glass when the concrete was dry, but the concrete shattered, too. Perhaps I will try it with oil or something the next time.

Okay, enough about my failures, on to the part that worked.

I created the mould using a small plastic package that held some sort
of potpourri or so. At first I mainly cut and folded, than I used the pieces of plastic I had cut off to close the gaps. I attached them with duct tape.

I can´t really be more precise, cause I just worked spontaneously, but here is what you have to look out for: Create triangles and tetragons, but no rectangles. The mould should jump forward and back, not just go straight up. Just think about a crystalline rock.

In the middle I put a toilet paper roll. I fixed it to the bottom of the mould using duct tape. Then it was time to fill the mould with concrete. Next time I will work outside or use a face mask, cause the concrete dust really made me cough!

Then, I waited a week before cutting off the mould. With some repairs, I could have used it again, but I decided to trash it. The toilet paper roll, I could rip off without problems. I was pleasently surprised that the cardboard held up so well!

I sanded the concrete slightly and brushed off the dust. Then I painted some of the planes. I wanted a little color, somethink shiny that contrasted the grey concrete. Can you guess what I used?

Leftover nailpolish! It was pretty dried up, but for this, it was great! I used three different variations of red, because that´s what I had on hand.

Last, I bought a sansevieria and put it in my pot.

Have you done any cool concrete objects? Do you have any advice for my next try?

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  1. Love this, Yana! I've been dying to work with concrete. Maybe when the weather gets warmer.

    Have a great weekend!
    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three


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