Tuesday, December 3, 2013

3. Window: Masking Tape Wall Decoration

When it comes to me and christmas decoration, my feelings stand at a crossroad. The dice on which way they go fall every year anew, most often when I first hear "Last Christmas".

1. Option: Why, oh why is is Christmas? I feel totally stressed out and even the act of  putting up one vase full of branches is soo overwhelming.

2. Option: It is finally Christmas time! Double yay! I run around like a chipmunk on speed to get up every single ornament and decoration I own in one day, and then I go on to produce a ton of new ones.

3. I am feeling mellow. Christmas is nice, nothing to be stressed about. I am way too much in the clutch of winter laziness to run around like a crazy chipmunk, but I still want that Christmas coziness (because I want to laze around on my couch and feel really comfy).

Today´s tutorial is for those of you who are with option 3 (as I am this year). It is fast, it is pretty, it
fills up a whole wall.

Ok, it is for the chipmunks too - what Christmas chipmunk could stand the thought of not doing some more decorating?

What to do:

Grab some colorful christmassy masking tape.

Tape the letters to the wall. Just do one line, rip of the tape and add the next one. I did it freestyle, and my text turned out both even sized and straight... but if it feels safer to youuse a ruler and take the occasional ontrol step back.

Want some more ornamentation? Form a small wreath using pine twigs, tape a bow to the wall and hang the wreath on top with a small nail.

I went with a french ´merry Christmas`, but it could say whatever you want. Any cool ideas?

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