Sunday, December 1, 2013

1. Window: Advent Calender Just For Yourself

You remember that wonderful childhood feeling, when december began and you could open a small bag every day, never knowing what little present you would receive?

 Being an adult, I still miss this aspect of the holidays. So I decided, this year, I will get a special advent calender. And I will give it to myself.

I started to collect some ideas of what I could gift to myself: that lipstick I really don´t need but really want, a movie ticket, a special tea. But not only material things, also small reminders: time for a prayer, a winter walk, a diy wellness day.

I wrote each of these ideas down one a slip of paper.
The clou is: I wrote down way more than 24. So it will be a real surprise, what I will get and what I

I folded up the notes and put them into a christmassy tin (well, a tea tin wrapped in red wool with a straw star stuck on).
My first gift today: I will buy myself a pretty pair of socks.

What would you put into your advent calender?

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