Saturday, November 16, 2013

DIY coat rack N° 1

My tiny windowless hall looked quite dark and dreary when I moved in, so I decided to funk it up with a little color. I also needed a coat hanger so... two birds, one stone.

To create your own, you need about 50 wooden ball knobs with a 3,5 cm (1,5 inch) diameter, 6 wooden cloth hangers, twine, nails and acrylic paint. The material cost me about 25 € (30 $).

Start with painting the balls.

You can go as crazy or subtle as you want.
I think this would look awesome with neon colors or using only white and natural balls.
I wanted a colorful but matte finish. The trick to that is mixing the main color not only with white but also a drop of black.

I discovered that putting the balls on an unused brush worked really well to hold them still without messing up the paint.

Once the balls dried, I threaded them onto twine. The twine should be twice the height of your room, to be on the safe side (though you can easily knot on more if needed).

After a couple of balls, form a loop, secure it with a knot and thread it through the next ball, but not the one after. Repeat as often as you want.
 I wanted most of my hangers to end up about waist high, so I put most of my loops there.

You can leave some stretches of twine free, as I did, just secure the ball above with a couple of knots.

So now I have a coat hanger and some color in my hall! And I will soon show you my matching coat rack!

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