Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY wooden script

Hi everyone,
sorry for the absence. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to not only have my ole grandma of a laptop die on me, but to also give myself a concussion. On the same day. Wonderful.

Well, the computer´s end was long expected. The concussion I owe to stupidity. To my fame, I managed to throw myself onto my sofa, forgetting that I had put the cushions away, so where normally there was snuggly cushiness, now my head met only the wall. What can I say? Occasionally, I am a genius that way ; ).

But the nausea and headache are gone by now, and yesterday, my new, shiney, non-stickey laptop arrived, so I can share with you the stuff I have done while on my enforced online abstinence. Here is the first project.

When I stumble onto some cool, funny or meaningful (to me) phrases I often wish to integrate them in my home. Unfortunatly, wall tatooes have been so incredibly overdone. Also, the premade ones never say stuff I want to put up. Don´t spent your life dreaming, but live your dreams? No, sorry, I have read that about 1000 times to often.

So I decided to make some wooden wall art, which has the added advantage of being three dimensional and thus more interesting.

 This is a project that takes some time, I needed about four afternoons to finish it. But it is really cheap, if you already own all the tools.

You need
- pencil, paper, ruler, scissors
- plywood, 4 mm, size depending on your phrase  (I chose 50 cm x 50 cm)
- fret saw and saw blades
- drill
- sanding paper
-paint and brush

1. Choose a catching phrase, with five to eight words. Check out some fonts online or using word. Once you have found a nice font, print it, and write your phrase in that style, but connect letters and words. Enlarge your result and cut it out so you get a stencil.

2. Place the stencil on your plywood and trace it.
Then, fix your wood and drill a hole in every piece of wood that cannot be reached from outside (e.g. the inner part of an a). Do this first, while the wood is still stable.

3. Use your fret saw to cut out the the phrase. This takes some time and you have to be careful or letters might break off. If that happens, don´t worry, glue them back on.

4. Once your sawing is done, sand down the edges.

5. If you have some blemishes, use  spackle (the stuff especially for wood) to get an even surface.

6. Glue small pieces of wood on the back to get more depth.

7. Last but not least, take the colour of your choosing and paint your phrase.

After letting it dry, you just have to figure out where to put it. I am still working on that part, but I am thinking ´kitchen`.

I hope you like my take on written wall art!


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