Friday, July 5, 2013

Where to put souvenir charms

Hi, everybody!

You know that feeling when you spent a wonderful vacation in a foreign country, and you just MUST HAVE a cool souvenir? 
Normally, I am really good about not buying that cool accessory which I love right now but that will clutter my home later on. But during my holidays, well, I. just. can´t. resist.

Once back home, I  start to frantically look around for a great spot to honor my memorabilia. And I finally figured out a wonderful place for good luck charms. Three of those somehow found their way into my suitcase in the last years (They are so gorgeous! How could I withstand temptation?).

The goldfish I found in Shanghai, the blue eye is a Greek amulet against the evil eye from Athens and finally, there is this cute little dream catcher. I adore them. But I had a ton of trouble placing them right. They used to hang in the vicinity of my bed, but they looked kind of lost there. Also, I often ripped them off in my morning stupor (no, I am not a morning person).

Now, they are hanging off the handle of my door. They are not in my way, but I still look at them everyday. And I love the symbolism: good luck charms to keep bad stuff from entering.

Where do you put your souvenirs so they do not just collect dust? I would love to get some more good ideas!


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