Saturday, June 22, 2013

Small Uglies gone posh: DVD wallet:

When it comes to decorating, I tend to go for the big stuff first. (Probably most folks do, so I should not feel special ; ) ) Spruce up your sofa, pimp the countertops, buy a new rug. I mean, quick, visible results are great!  

But somehow, with my eye always on the next big project, I tend to neglect the stuff I use everyday. Because it is always there, I kind of ignore it, even if it is a real eyesore. But in the back of my mind, my puke green dishmop, the chaotic array of shampoo bottles and the cheap plastic ladle are always jumping up and down and singing “Ugly..... I am so Uggglyyy”. 
But now there will be no more of that! 

I am prepared to attack that practical everyday stuff I got because it cost 99 cent and is practical, and not because of it´s handsomeness. 

So check out how I change those small Uglies into real beauties.

Here is my first, quick posh-it-up for a DVD wallet.

Would you have thought that this vintage darling looked like this about 20 minutes earlier? 

If you want to recreate my project, you need:

- a pretty piece of fabric large enough to cover your wallet
- some lace for the braid.
- a small piece of whitish fabric (I had some leftovers of Ikea`s Bomull, which comes real cheap)
- double faced tape
- a black pen
- glue stick

1: Trace the outline of the open wallet and cut the fabric accordingly.


2. Cover your wallet with tape and shorten the edges.


3. Peel off part of the first tape. Fold in the edge of the fabric and press it to the tape. This way, you get a clean border.

 4. When you reach a corner, fold in the fabric so it fits the wallet.

5. Now the main part is done. I think the wallet is already so much prettier just covered in fabric.

6. Now glue the lace to the edge using the glue stick

7: You have to fold the lace two times and fix the folds with glue to get around the corner.

8: Now you have an even prettier wallet! But I wanted to add a little extra, so I decided to make a label.

9: Draw a black outline in the form you want. I added a dotted inner outline. Then write your wallets content into the frame. I chose "Lieblingsfilme" which means favorite movies. You might want to try a few different scripts .

 10: Cut the fabric, leaving a small border. Then, paste your label onto a piece of tape. Remember to fold in the edges. Mine is a little rough looking, but I wanted that "handmade-feeling". Next, shorten the tape so it fits the label exactly.

11: Peel off the other side of the tape and place your label wherever you want it. Tata!

I think this is a real improvement for spending little money and time. And my wallet will make me happy every time I pick a DVD. So here is one small Ugly, overcome.

I made a second wallet, which I only covered in fabric because the pattern is real strong. If you want to invest even less time and money, that is a good possibility, too.

Have fun conquering your own small Uglies!

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