Thursday, May 1, 2014

French Style Laundry Bag

Dirty laundry isn´t all that pretty. It is even less pretty if you live in a one room apartement, it is stuffed in a corner of your closet and spills out every time you open the door.

While vacationing in southern France, I saw some very cute laundry bags, but they were very small and very expensive. That is what I am a DIYer for!

You need:
- Linnen
- Simple white cotton
- White cotton with a embroidered flower pattern.
- White, pretty drawstring
 - Lace braid

1. Cut a big circle from the simple white cotton. How big depends on the proportions of your laundry bag, but rather make it bigger than you expect. I wish I had made mine a little bigger!

2. Cut strips of different width from your three fabrics. The lenght must be the circumference of your circle plus some seam allowance. Before doing your cuts, try some arrangements.

2.a.If you want a "Linge" sign like mine, you need to cut a rectangle from the linnen, trim it, slightly
fold over the edges and sew them on.

b. I wrote out "Linge" in my computer and switched it to a few different fonts until I found one I liked. Sketch the letters onto the linnen and stitch them using large stitches (Sorry, no idea how this stitch is called in english, but I think you can see what I did - and if you know, please tell me!)

c. Sew the embroidered rectangle on top of a larger piece of white cotton.

3. Trim all the fabrics.

4. Now, sew the strips together. At the edge of linnen und white cotton, sew in the lace braid.

5. Pin the large rectangle you just created to the circle (right on right) and sew  it together.  Sew a tunnel at the other side and then sew the bag´s side closed up to the tunnel´s starting point.

6. Pull the drawstring throught the tunnel, and turn the bag to the right side. Now sew on a small
piece of drawstring as a tag.

Your laundry bag is all done! Put in your laundry and enjoy the new order in you closet!

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