Saturday, December 7, 2013

7th Window: Pine Cone Bird Ornament

I totally wanted to do an ornament using white tipped pinecones, but with a twist. In the end, I came up with this little birdy.
Ain´t he cute?  I admit he is a little cross eyed, but in my (slightly biased) opinion that makes him even more charming!

 To make your own, you need:

- a roundish pinecone
- an acorn
- white acrylic paint & a brush
- glitter
- two pearls
- two white feathers
- a hot glue gun
- white thread

1. Paint the tips of your pinecone.

2. Paint the acorn. While the paint is still wet, dust it with glitter.

3. Knot the string around the pinecone and form a loop.

4. Glue the acorn on top of the pinecone (use the larger end of the acorn, to make the bird´s head look more organic).

5. Glue the pearls to the acorn as eyes.

6. Glue the feathers to the pinecone´s sides as wings.

7. Don´t leave the poor boy all lonly! Go make a whole flock!

Have you made anything fun out of pinecones yet?

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