Thursday, December 5, 2013

5. Window: How To Make A Christmas Wreath

An evergreen wreath is one of the most beautiful pieces of Christmas decoration there is, it smells wonderfully, and once you know how to make one, it is pretty easy.

So that´s three reasons to create your own wreath as soon as possible!

You need:

  - a straw wreath (if you want to stick in candle holders) or a metal ring (great for door wreathes)

- big branches of evergreens - go with whatever you want! I love the softness of thuja, but firs are more traditional

- garden shears

- green binding wire

1. Cut off a couple of small branches (10-20 cm/ 4-8 inches), gather them into a small bunch and lay it to your basic wreath. Fix the branches to the wreath by wrapping the wire round and round.

2. Gather the next bunch and lay them over the stems of the other branches. They should overlap so the stems are no longer visible. Fix them with the wire.

3. Keep going until the wreath is done. Be careful to keep the wreath´s width consistent! It is best to place smaller branches at the inside of the wreath and larger ones at the outer side.

Decorate as you like - traditional, classic or funky.

What is your favourite style?

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