Wednesday, December 18, 2013

18th Window: DIY Wrapping Paper

Finding the perfect gift is one thing, wrapping it adequately another. I have seen some people use a calligraphy marker to personalize their wrapping paper, so I decided to try that, too - but with a twist.

1. Take some simple, brown wrapping paper and cut out a piece fitting your gift.

2.Write down words that have to do with Christmas - e.g. Family, Snow, Star, Presents, Love, Baby Jesus, Friends, Prayers, Sweets....

Try to use a nice script but don´t worry - the calligraphy marker will do part of the work.

I wrote free handed, and it turned out pretty straight. But you can pencil on slight lines and erase them later on if you want.
Leave some space between your words. Shift in the second line of script so there is a word beneath every space  in the line before.

3. Once your piece of paper is fully covered, take a piece of foam rubber, cut out a star and glue it onto a cork. Use a red ink pad, and print a star into each space you left between the words.

4. Now wrap your gift.

5. You can decorate with a red ribbon and a branch of evergreen. If the receiver likes to get creative, too, knot on the cork as a small ornament and additional gift.

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