Monday, December 16, 2013

16th Window: Twig Star

And another star post. I´ve got a run!

This is a cheap ´n quick decor, because you only need a fistful of twigs (which I gathered in a nearby forest while walking the dog) and some twine.

1. You need to get rid of the side-branches of the twig, so you are left with a more or less straight stick.

2. Make five bundles of twigs, each 6-8 twigs strong. Cut off the tips so they are the same length.

3. Take a 30 cm / 1 ft long piece of twine, knot it around one bundle, lay another bundle on top of the knot and knot it on, too (ok, a lot of knots in that sentence, but I think you will understand it : D).

4. Now knot around the other end of the second bunch, and knot on the third bunch.

5. Keep going. You are forming a pentagramm.

Small tip:  It will look best if you combine the ´tip` end with a ´bottom`end at each point, so the points are of equal size. And weave the bundles, so each one is once on top and once on the bottom.

6. No step 6. You are done. I said it was quick to do, didn´t I?

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  1. Hi, visiting thru Kammy's Korner party - this is adorable, and oh so simple!

    1. Thank you! I think simple crafts are ideal for the stressful Christmas time.


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